Perpetually work-in-progress maps for all areas in the game, showing locations of checkpoints, weapons, armour, consumables, key items, map beacons, traders, and other NPCs. SPOILERS, obviously.

The "GRIME: PARTING SHADE" 100% map features:

  • New zone (18 — Abandoned Opus) at the top of Weeping Cavity, an endgame platforming challenge akin to the Path of Pain from Hollow Knight.
    (Parting Shade DLC, released January 2024)
  • Content introduced in the Tinge of Terror DLC, released June 2023
  • Content introduced in the Colours of Rot DLC, released December 2022
  • All boss locations and drops/abilities
  • All areas with names on their own individual maps
  • All NPC locations
  • All weapon locations
  • All armour locations
  • All rooms, breakable walls, etc
  • All surrogate checkpoints
  • All nervepass locations
  • All quest item locations
  • All upgrade material locations
  • All Nacre Runner (crystal lizard) enemies
  • All other item locations
  • Rooms without ingame map gfx in DLC restored at 25% opacity
  • Notes for obtaining certain things
  • A full readme/changelog for updates

With the exception of the BIG FULL GAME MAP, the guides linked here remain free. No paywall or anything. However, DO please consider a donation to my KO-FI.COM account if you find the maps useful. I greatly appreciate any donations given.

NOTE: The images below are very low resolution and compressed to save on bandwidth. Click them for HQ zoomable images on Google Drive

#1 — Weeping Cavity

#2 — Unformed Desert

#3 — Lithic

#4 — Nerveroot

#5 — Worldpillar (Hub)

#6 — Gloomnest

#7 — Yr Den

#8 — Feaster's Lair

#9 — Servant's Path

#10 — Carven Palace

#11 — Garden

#12 — Childbed

#13 — Beyond the Barrier

#14 - Cenotaph City

#15 — Pale Sky

#16 — Worldpillar (Top)

#17 — Peak of Creation

#18 — Abandoned Opus